why festivals are simply unbeatable

Having recently returned from Unearthed In A Field Festival, a quaint but unforgettable festival experience in beautiful West Wales, it dawned on me that for some people going to a festival might seem like ‘not their thing’, ‘something the kids do’, or something ‘only for the hippy types’.

While having a self-confessed interest in the environment, I wouldn’t class myself as a hippy. Now in my 30s, I am not seen as young (although I don’t feel my age), so what was I doing at a festival, and why should you think about trying one if you’ve never experienced one? I’ve got a number of great reasons for you. These may not all resonate with you, but with such a vast array of festivals to suit everyone these days, I’m sure that there’s a reason for you to check one out for yourself.

Let’s see if I can convince you, shall I?

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The joy that live music brings

It can’t be beaten. The feeling of the live sound is one that cannot be replicated, whether you’re in a field of 55,000 people or 300, dancing or singing along to the music is a simply incredible experience.

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Dirt teaches appreciation

Okay, so this one didn’t apply while at Unearthed In A Field as there was no rain and the weather was glorious but there have been times when watching my tent gradually fill with water and being helpless to do anything about it have occurred mid-festival. Having to overcome the muddy conditions truly make you appreciate your home comforts such as a warm comfy bed at home, a comfort not all are lucky enough to have in their lives I might add – even more reason to be appreciative.

We mustn’t forget the health benefits

If you’ve been to one, you’ll get this. Festivals are good for the mind, body and soul. Science backs up the fact that live music can release endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’, which provide stress relief. Alongside this main benefit, you can find other things at stalls, and food tents that you might not previously have known you enjoy or appreciate, which is notably pleasing. And then there’s the walking to and from the tent, and the main arena which burns off those calories gives your legs a stretch and get the fresh air in you too. Just don’t go OTT on the cider!

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You can look completely ‘out there’, and that’s just fine

Depending on the festival you attend, there is most likely a genre or theme attached to it. Most, if not all festivals are one of the true places where you can be who you want to be. I think everyone, at least once, needs to embrace their inner person, the one that only you know, at some point in life. And if that is when you’re wearing a tutu, matched with a poncho, Doc Marten boots and flowers in your hair then that is just fine!

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Waking up in nature

This kind of ties in with my penchant for staying in a luxury camping yurts and other exciting glamping abodes. Waking up in and amongst our amazing natural surroundings in the UK is the perfect way to escape the 9-5 lifestyle and get some greenery in your life. You may also discover that the fresh air does wonders for any kind of hangover you might have inflicted on yourself.

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The after parties

One of the coolest things about a festival is that the good times keep on coming even after the last act of the evening has performed on the main stage. The bigger festivals have dance tents where you can check out top DJs; the smaller festivals have groups of like-minded people who enjoy sitting around a nice campfire and sharing experiences with one another. There is invariably something for everyone. You never know who you are going to meet at a festival, and that can be life-changing for the better.

Thanks for the memories

Arguably the most noteworthy and unforgettable parts of a festival is gaining some of the best friendships you will ever establish. Much like travelling, or on quirky holidays, UK you can meet like-minded people, and indeed people who will make you see things in a different light. At the same time, you can be with your best friends, or family, watching performances and music you love doing a bit of bonding, all the while creating the best memories that will last forever. You simply won’t replicate that by sitting at home watching the TV.

While I drew inspiration from previous festivals, it was Unearthed In A Field that made me realise that at the end of the day we are all just one big group of people looking to enjoy moments in life. And whatever these moments may be, if we can share these times with others then we’re making the world a happier place.


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