millennials love the outdoors and here’s why

We always read and hear the talk and writings of how are Millennials are addicted to all manner of technology, from smart phones to laptops, tablets, and of course social media, all of which are prevalent in today’s world. However, there is little that is ever published that covers the fact that there is a large portion of Millennials who are very much in touch with the outdoors, nature, wildlife and adventure.

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There are four standout factors that come into play that backs up the fact that Millennials are glampers. Here’s why:

  • Millennials enjoy being brought closer together

Nothing is better for this than glamping. Millennials, as a rule, enjoy the act of being brought closer together to interact with others. What better way to do this than to get outdoors and enjoy nature and charming locations while staying in inspiring accommodation at the same time? Heading to the local farmer’s market, foraging, or picking wild berries just is not the same when you’re doing it on your own!


  • Millennials love the unique and the special

Now that we know that they won’t be alone, Millennials also like to seek out the next unique experience that allows then to stay in touch with themselves and others with the same morals and pastimes.

Heading off for a glamping UK break in a treehouse in the seclusion of the British countryside or on a narrowboat on a canal is surely going to tick the boxes for them.


  • Millennials need to share on social media

This needs little expansion. We all know how ever-present social media is in the lives of Millennials, so therefore they are always seeking the next ideal thing to share on their feeds. Whether that be a cool new photo of their luxury camping abode, or snapchatting their whole weekend’s events, if you know that your glamping experience is a social media-worthy one, then you are sure to appeal to the Millennial.


  • Millennials enjoy the finer things

There’s a common misconception that glamping is costly. Well it doesn’t have to be, although you can make any experience as exotic on the wallet as you like, glamping arguably offers far more for your money than a hotel break could ever give you.

Millennials know what they want, they know how to search it out and they are far more tuned in with quality than many before them. Fortunately, glamping is the holiday choice that is also predominantly in tune with the finer things, so it’s a perfect match!


Do you fancy breathing the fresh air in Devon or Glastonbury? Wandering in Wales, exploring in Yorkshire, or down south in Sussex? Maybe floating on the canal in Warwickshire takes your fancy? Why not discover an inspirational location with Quality Unearthed today?

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