mmm…! try making this mint and gooseberry lemonade recipe

We’re not sure if we mentioned it before (we have!) but it’s spring REAL soon, officially! That means the nights are becoming longer and the temperatures are going to warm up so that we can enjoy more evening activities outdoors like BBQ’s, glamping UK trips with pleasant walks, and drinking with friends.

A pitcher of lemonade with a glass and straws on a glamping UK break

Speaking of drinking with friends, why don’t you impress your taste buds and theirs with this healthy gluten-free mint and gooseberry lemonade? Perfect for almost any occasion and delicious on those delightful afternoons with a picnic, or at dinner as the sun goes down.


Let’s get to it! Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 350g of gooseberries. (You’ll need to top, tail and halve these)
  • Around 16-20 fair sized fresh mint leaves.
  • 250g brown granulated sugar
  • 3 large lemons
  • Ice and sparkling water
  • Extra mint and lemon for decoration and serving.


How are you going to make it? Here’s how:

(Serves 10, diluted)

  • Using a large pan, gradually melt the sugar in 250ml water on a light heat so as not to burn the sugar.
  • Zest some lemon, making long strips.
  • Squeeze 100ml of fresh lemon juice and keep to one side with the zest peel.
  • Next you’ll need to add the zest, juice, and the gooseberries, along with the mint leaves to the pan.
  • Bring to a simmer.
  • Allow for the contents to cook for around 5-10 mins, all the while waiting for the gooseberries to become very soft.
  • Once soft, mash the ingredients using a potato masher, then leave to cool down.
  • After your ingredients have cooled you should strain through a sieve, ensuring to press the flesh well or you won’t get the most from the available juices.
  • Chill thoroughly.
  • You’re ready to serve! Dilute 4 tbsp. of your delicious lemonade and add in with 100ml sparkling water. You can have more or less sparkling water depending on your personal taste.
  • Add extra ice to glasses before serving to chill the glasses, and toss in some extra mint leaves and lemon as decoration and to really bring out the flavours.
  • Enjoy!


Image: newleaf01 under Creative Commons.

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