Owning a glamping abode can be an extremely rewarding experience, and can also be a fantastic investment opportunity. However, when glamping first became popular, it was often thought that glamping was just another word for camping, but this is most certainly not the case! Glamping means glamorous camping, and tents have been swapped for yurts, cabins, huts, wagons and even eco pods!

A bath in one of our clamping, uk sites

Camping has evolved into glamping, and as the years have gone by, many glamping abodes have incorporated modern features to really wow their guest and make them even more unique. So, if you are looking to upgrade and update your glamping, UK structure, then we have put together this guide to help you incorporate some modern features.


Having the right heating in your glamping structure is important, and due to new technologies, there are an array of types which are perfect for all sized abodes. For the smaller abodes which are on the cosy side, underfloor heating is a fantastic modern heating source.

Underfloor heating is a luxury in itself, and this can be incorporated into your glamping structure. Obviously, this can’t be done in every type, but it can, however, be a great touch especially during the colder months. You usually find this type of heating in some of the more modern homes, and it can be a great way to heat a smaller space as it takes up no room!

Stoves and wood burners can also be a welcomed addition to all different types of abodes; even though they aren’t exactly a modern feature. However, there are many reasons why you should think about putting one in your glamping space, read our recent post here.

Hot Tubs and Baths

Much like underfloor heating, not many of us have a hot tub in our homes! What makes a hot tub so special, is that it isn’t something that anyone comes across often and it can be a great selling point when potential customers are looking to stay with you. As glamping stands for ‘glamorous camping’, what could be more glamorous than having a hot tub on site?

Again, baths are not exactly a modern feature, but there are certain types which can really blow your guests away. Freestanding baths and even ones with jets can be a fabulous accessory if there is enough room.


When customers plan a glamping holiday, some of them love to switch off for a few days, while others require Wi-Fi. Of course, one of the best things about glamping is that you embrace the outdoors and leave your phones and other electronic devices at home and take the time to reconnect with one another.

Additionally, some of us can’t bear to be away from the internet for whatever reason, so it is important to cater for all types of customers. Wi-Fi is something that many people look for when booking a stay somewhere, but this option is completely up to you!

Solar Panels

For those who want to stay on the greener side, solar panels can be a great addition to all types of glamping abodes. Solar panels can be a good way to save some money on electricity as well as being more eco-conscious. Solar panels are a source of clean energy and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

With this in mind, how you want to present your glamping abode is completely your decision, just remember to do what works for you. These are just a handful of modern features which can be incorporated into your glamping structure. What is your favourite feature? Let us know using our social media channels.

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