new research highlights uk’s love of walking in the outdoors

Experts have revealed in a recent study that for more than 52% of Brits, walking is the favourite form of exercise, just in time for National Walking Month.

A happy glamper enjoying a glamping UK walk on the beach near her treehouse holiday break

As part of the research, which involved as many as 1,000 people, it was found that walking beat off all the competition to come on top of the nation’s list of preferred forms of exercise. There was a significant gap between the next form of exercise – cycling – and running, with just 8%, which was then followed by attending a gym.

Walking is not just a source of fitness to so many people in the UK either, with it being stated that in excess of three quarters of people claiming they had walked purely for pleasure purposes within the last four weeks alone, and more than 60% of respondents reported they had walked in the last seven days.

What’s more, it was reported that three quarters of people who do walk, choose to walk for up to an hour every day too.

When participants were asked to explain the most enjoyable aspect of walking for them, 40% claimed that they relished the health benefits, while two thirds merely enjoy being outdoors. Furthermore, one in five said they appreciate and enjoy the freedom walking gives them – much of which can be experienced on glamping treehouse holidays!

Almost 67% of people said they prefer to walk with their partner, as a family, or with a group of friends, which goes to further highlight the fantastic social benefits that can be associated with heading out in the open for a nice walk combined with lovely fresh air.


The only things that were polled as being a deterrent for walkers was not so nice weather, and health, with time being a slight concern.

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