new yougov research shows uk public backs eu rules to protect our nature & bees

The UK’s public are in agreement with the EU in that they want heightened levels of environmental protection. This is particularly good news for the UK’s wild bee populations along with our exciting natural wild places, a fresh report compiled by Friends of the Earth and YouGov has revealed.

A bee on a flower near our Cornwall glamping abodes at Quality Unearthed

Published today (25th August), the study goes on to show how the British public are overwhelmingly in favour of keeping or strengthening EU rules that protect our natural environment. This is inclusive of Britain’s under-threat bees, a species often overlooked in their importance.

Following the report, the environmental campaign group is now calling on the UK Government to offer assurances that the forthcoming Brexit strategy isn’t going to affect the environmental protections we already have in place. Given the news that the population is in favour of protecting untouched areas filled with vital species of wildlife, many near our glamping Peak District abodes, it is thought that legislation will remain to uphold protections laws, at this early stage.

The survey also revealed Brits were strongly in favour of maintaining or increasing the protection for nature that is currently provided by EU legislation, and linking farming subsidies to environment protection.

The online survey consisting of 1,687 adults in August 2016 revealed:

  • 83% said Britain should pass laws providing a higher (46%) or the same (37%) level of protection for wild areas and wildlife species than current EU laws. Only 4% want lower protection.
  • 57% said British farming subsidies should put either more (25%) or the same (32%) emphasis on environmental protection than the current EU subsidies do. Only 7% said British farming subsidies should put less emphasis on protecting the environment.
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