night’s sky set to be lit up once again this week with the draconid meteor shower

Following our feature on stargazing yesterday, it seems fitting that this week you have the chance to see some “shooting stars” with the annual Draconid meteor shower set to appear over our heads. The meteor display, which will find its peaks upon nightfall on Thursday night and Friday night respectively, is the result of the remains of a comet harmlessly raining down on Earth.

An image of the Draconid Meteor Shower visible from Quality Unearthed glamping UK abodes

Just as long as the weather plays ball, skywatchers have the opportunity to see the Draconid meteor shower radiating out from the constellation Draco (the Dragon). It can be found near the triangle formed by the stars Altair, Deneb, and Vega, in the north! NASA predicts there will be, on average, as many as 10 to 20 visible meteors every hour during the Draconids.


Just to make things more exciting is that the moon will be just a faint crescent, allowing for excellent views of the shower.


Luckily there’s no need for special equipment in order to watch a meteor shower, just take yourselves outside and watch the show!


You do need to pick a viewing spot as far away from populated areas with city lights etc., as this can reduce the number of meteors visible during the night. Perfect if you’re on a treehouse holidays UK locations offer!


Image: Elentir under Creative Commons.

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