new zealand couple transform bedford truck into their very own castle… including a bathtub on a rooftop balcony!

Having a road-legal truck to sleep in can have its benefits from time to time, but to have one for a home might not sound like the smartest idea. However, if you have one that has been transformed into a fully-functioning, moving house that looks like a castle, then you know you are onto a winner!

The outside of a New Zealand couples transformed Bedford truck made into their very own road-legal glamping castle.

This absolutely amazing abode is a sight to behold and comes complete with a rooftop bathtub! Who wouldn’t want that?!

If you were to drive along New Zealand’s roads, where the Siezen family’s ‘home’ can be found, it appears on the outside to be nothing more than an oversized and strangely shaped truck. But when it is parked up and unveiled, the vehicle transforms into a spectacular, welcoming home for the Siezens – Justin, Jola and their baby son Piko.

At the beginning they started by drawing up some plans, before the couple got to work on their project. They made certain that, while in travel mode, the house would meet minimum road requirements as this was vital, as you can imagine.

It wasn’t long until their project became something of a permanent home though. Their own personal touches and designs that formed the persona of this house were utilised in the smallest of spaces – making it the super space it is now!

The outside of a New Zealand couples transformed Bedford truck made into their very own road-legal glamping castle.

Take a step inside, and you’ll be welcomed by a huge kitchen which is the main focal point, like with many homes, in an open space that features a full size oven for baking and cooking.

There’s also a lounge area, a dining table, and a fold-out chair to accommodate baby Piko at meal times.

The Siezens have made the most of their DIY skills by making handmade furniture from recycled materials, including the shelf made out of old spanners, to the kitchen bench-tops and cupboard cleverly constructed from a ‘cross section of power poles, sliced into planks’.

The bedroom is located in a small raised loft above the front of the truck in the cosiest of places that couldn’t have been better suited to sleeping in if you tried!

Under the entrance to the bedroom, an ingenious rotating cupboard with automatic lighting stores the family’s clothes in a number of intelligently-built compartments.

The inside of a New Zealand couples transformed Bedford truck made into their very own road-legal glamping castle.

Move to the back of the mobile castle to find each of the turrets is not just for show, they have a function like everything else in the truck. They open up to reveal a charmingly designed composting toilet and a functioning shower. Not forgetting the washing machine, with water heated through a combination of solar panels on the roof, gas and a fireplace. 

Additional power is also supplied through the attached solar panels, while rain water is captured on the roof and stored below the vehicle.

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