With statistics showing that glamping is a trend that is going nowhere, why not create your very own glamping adventure with a treehouse in your backyard? If you have a large area of land near your home, or you’d like to diversify your land, you might want to consider building a treehouse to allow guests a magical adventure. Here at Quality Unearthed we can help you every step of the way, from the initial building stages of your glamping abode, right up to marketing it and getting people booking! If building a treehouse on your spare land sounds like your cup of tea, continue reading to see how!

Bensfield treehouse in Sussex

Finding a tree

First things first, you’ll need to find a tree within your land that is suitable to hold a treehouse, you may even find that if your plans are large, you want to spread it over several trees. It is likely you’ll need to get an expert out to take a look a little more closely at the tree’s structure and health to ensure that it is a stable enough platform to build a home! You’ll also need to work out how much weight it will be able to hold, as this may determine the size and restrictions your treehouse will have. The best trees are old oak, maple, fir or beech trees. Adding supporting beams can relieve the tree of some of the stress and will keep the tree happier and healthier.


Research is key. From researching the type of tree to the restrictions and regulations that may be in place. Hopefully there won’t be anything in place that will restrict you from building your dream treehouse, however, it is always worth checking in the early stages just to be on the safe side.


If your land has neighbours close by, you might want to run this idea past them before building the structure, particularly if it is going to shadow over their property at all. Hopefully, they will be just as excited about the new build as you are!


When planning to build your treehouse, you will need to consider how much usage it will get. If it is to be rented out, the treehouse will likely need to be larger. We would recommend that it is large enough to hold a double bed as a minimum, but ideally, you’d have extra living space also. If you take a look at some of the treehouses already on offer, you’ll be inspired and find that the possibilities are almost endless! You’ll also need to install toilet and kitchen facilities nearby. This can be on the ground in an eco-friendly shed style building, as not everything needs to be suspended in the sky!


When purchasing the materials, there is a lot to consider, from generating your own designs and building it from scratch (only recommended either with the help of an experienced architect, or if you have a substantial knowledge of the field yourself), purchasing a pre-fab kit, or commissioning a custom design to be built for you. This is something else you’ll likely want to do a lot of research into in the early stages. Remember that all your building plans must allow for tree growth around the trunk.

Extra features

Rope bridges, skylights, swings and slides will all bring out your inner child, so why not consider building several rooms in different trees, and conjoining them all with simple and secure rope bridges? This is perfect for big kids and little kids, offering a magical kingdom to be explored in the canopy of trees! Don’t forget to build a staircase so that guests can get in and out of your tree abode!

Decorating and furnishing

Once your project is completed, it is time to engage in decorating. We like to think that utilising the natural environment as much as possible is the best way forward, so leave the naked wood showing and bring the outdoors in. Try to opt for light and versatile items of furniture, and remember that you’ll somehow need to get it up into the treehouse! Adding fairy lights and soft furnishings will give it a homely feel and voila! Be sure to spend a night or two in your very own treehouse before you start inviting guests so that you can provide the perfect experience.

Top tips:

  • Use your imagination. Let your creativity run wild when planning your creation, although you may have to scale back a little when it comes down to it, but the more ideas you have to begin with the better!
  • Recycle and re-use. If you can find items to re-purpose during your building adventure then great, the more eco-friendly the better, particularly when furnishing.
  • Put as little holes in the tree as possible as this is damaging to the tree and will make it fragile. Use alternative securing methods where possible, and if you need to use screws, ensure that they are spaced far apart.
  • Don’t forget that your entire structure will need to be weatherproof to protect you inside; you’ll need a good strong roof and all joints must meet snugly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Consult the experts and gain any knowledge you can from friends and relatives. The more input you have on each and every decision from a knowledgeable person, the more likely you are to achieve success

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