our guide to packing for your glamping break

Once you’ve got your glamping break booked, you can start to get excited as you count down the days until you’re relaxing in the great outdoors in one of our quirky glamping abodes. As the time draws closer, you may be wondering what to pack! A traditional camping holiday requires a wide variety of items to be remembered to ensure that you are not left without even the luxury of toilet paper, however, a glamping holiday is very different. The vast majority of these items can be left at home, as they will be provided for you. So, here is our guide on what to pack for your next glamping adventure:

packing list for a glamping holiday


Obviously you’ll need to pack clothes, and the items you pick are likely to be dependent on the time of year in which you are travelling. However, at all times of year layers are often the best way to go to ensure you find the optimum temperature for your outdoors adventures! Bring clothes that you aren’t afraid to get wet or muddy- just in case you have an impulse to jump in a lake or take a mud bath! For the kids, a few spare sets of clothes will be essential as messy play is the best play! Bring a good jacket, hat and scarf if travelling in the cooler months, and swap this out for a sunhat in the summer (and a swimming suit- particularly if you’ve opted for a location with a hot tub!) No matter what season you travel, you should definitely come prepared with a jumper or fleece, as the weather can be very unpredictable, and even the summer evening can get a little chilly! Don’t forget your PJ’s either, and maybe some slippers too!


If you plan on spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, you’ll want to pack a good pair of walking shoes (or trainers) to keep your feet feeling cushioned the entire time. If you’re heading to a beach location in the summer, flip-flops and sandals are a must to get the full enjoyment of feeling the sand in between your toes! If rain is forecast, you needn’t fear, as your glamping accommodation with keep you perfectly sheltered, and there are still plenty of activities to be done in the rain! However, if this is the case, a pair of wellington boots will certainly come in handy.

Towels & Bedding

Some of our glamping abodes come equipped with towels, bedding and toiletries, so you won’t need to worry about bringing these items. However, there are a few that require you to bring your own, so be sure to check this out before you leave! Cosy duvets and pillows will be provided though, so you can save a little space in the car.


No camping (or glamping) adventure would be complete without a little bag full of accessories, these items are not exactly necessities, but you may find them helpful!

  • Torch – for those dark nights
  • Thermal Flask – for the long woodland walks
  • Baby Wipes/Face Wipes – a glamping essential for any mucky adventures
  • Sun cream – no one wants to be burnt!
  • Sun glasses – to shield you from the sunrays
  • Mini First Aid Kit – just in case anyone has an accident
  • Map of the area – to help you get out and explore
  • Hand sanitizer – to keep your hands clean
  • Books – for entertainment purposes
  • Camera – to capture all your happy memories


The vast majority of our luxury glamping sites offer cooking facilities, from outdoor barbeques to camping cooking gear; some even have a fridge, hob and sink. This means that you’ll be able to whip up a feast for all the family if you wish, so be sure to bring along something to cook. Alternatively there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby where you can dine if you’d rather the cooking was left at home. Do however, bring along some healthy snacks and tasty treats to keep you energised throughout your trip!

What not bring

A glamping holiday gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the stresses back home and make the most of the beautiful nature all around. For this reason we recommend limiting the use of your telephone, and not bringing along any laptops or tablets. Instead opt for reading a new book, or bringing a lot a crafty activity to undertake whilst you are away. You’ll be able to engage in many other activities, from stargazing to geocaching, so there won’t be much need for Netflix and games!

There isn’t much you need to pack for glamping as the luxury of it is that most things will be ready and waiting for you. So no need to stress, pack the essentials and off you go!

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