If ever there was a time to pack your bags and head to one of our luxury camping Wales locations  then the next 10-14 days are set to be a heavens send as it look as though we will be in for an amazing spell of weather to complete your wonderful vacation. A two-week heatwave has been forecast with temperatures estimated to be hotter than some parts of the Mediterranean in store.
Sunny Summers Day-Glamping

Fingers are crossed in anticipation as the mercury could potentially peak as high as the 30s in some regions of Britain and its thought that several areas of the country are expected to enjoy temperatures in the high 20s, which is rather exciting for those enjoying a staycation as temperatures are looking to beat the forecast in Nice, Southern France and Spain’s holiday favourite, Barcelona.

The good news continues as aficionados in charge of forecasting the weather have stated the southern areas of Wales are once again being expected to reap the majority of the warmth and sunny weather- we hope!

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