The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us, and it may only be five weeks until the big day, but that hasn’t stopped us from bursting with excitement! Even though there is a little way to go until Christmas Day, it seems that the whole of the United Kingdom is starting to join in the festivities with numerous Christmas markets popping up already.

Women enjoying a Christmas market on one of our Christmas treehouse holidays

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Those of you who know the Quality Unearthed brand, understand our ethos of green living and know how proud we are of our Welsh roots; therefore, any news that put Wales on the map for being a leader in sustainable living and conservation is a big tick with us!

Planting lessons at National Botanic Garden of Wales.

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Stargazing is an incredible way to see the beauty of the natural world and taking time to look up at a canopy of stars is something that everyone can enjoy. You can venture into a forest to find a clearing on a clear night and see some phenomenal things. With this in mind, we have decided to put together this guide to help you really make the most of nature.

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When you head out on your Christmas glamping 2017 holidays, building a fire might not be an essential skill you need to have as everything is set up for you upon arrival. However, if you are planning on going for a hike, spending the day fishing, or just want to impress the kids with your survivalist skills, knowing how to build a fire is a wonderful skill to own. But, if you don’t have matches or a lighter how do you get it started?

A campfire near Quality Unearthed

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Glamping is becoming an up and coming way of holidaying, especially here in the UK. This leisurely activity is constantly attracting new people into a different way of camping, by giving them a sense of luxury, as well as the home comforts which you wouldn’t expect to find in a standard tent when camping. Due to this market increasing year-on-year, there is no better time than now to venture into your very own glamping business.

Glamping UK abode

You know we love hearing from glamping businesses here at Quality Unearthed, so we thought it would be great to put together this guide to help you start your very own glamping business should you want to start on this exciting business venture for yourselves.

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With the Christmas season on its way and New Year following shortly, you are probably looking forward to eating your weight in food and having some well-deserved time off. It definitely isn’t too early to start planning what you are going to do over the Christmas period, whether you are planning a large family get-together or are looking forward to a more personal day with your loved ones, now is the perfect time to get planning.

Christmas trees near our Christmas glamping UK holidays

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If we didn’t need another excuse to go glamping, it has been proven that this type of holiday is good for your health. Glamping has grown in popularity over the last few years or so, and in 2016, 4 in 10 people went glamping or camping. By 2020, it is expected that there will be a massive 21 million trips like this taken in the United Kingdom alone. Additionally, these UK-based glamping holidays will boost the economy by a staggering £2.3 billion.glamping yurt

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