Glamping has come a long way in the decade of its existence. Originally originating as a joke towards the high-income travellers wanting to camp but not willing to part with their luxuries, glamping developed into a serious holiday accommodation option, and firmly cemented itself within the camping industry in just a couple of years. This was down to a few factors, including income rises that allowed customers to spend a little extra on their staycations and the importance of unique locations and trips which glamping properties offer. In addition, the expanse of glamping can be credited, in part, to the development of social media and the encouragement of sharing unique travel experiences.

Glamping eco-pod available at Quality Unearthed.

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Have you ever wondered where the wonderful idea for a house in a tree came from? The history of these magical abodes spans far back, through many years of being ‘on-trend’ and developing from a simple platform into the extravagant and mind-blowing abodes we see all over the world today! Whether you love a simple treehouse as a children’s playhouse or a grand structure as an alternative place to stay on your next holiday, you’ll be interested to read about the origins of treehouses!

Bensfield Treehouse available through Quality Unearthed

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Nestled beneath an ancient Dorset woodland of coppiced oak, Oak Apple Lodge is a spacious safari tent beautifully fitted out with every convenience for comfortable living. It even has electric heating, an electric wine cooler, a well equipped kitchen space and an en-suite flushing toilet. Luxurious glamping indeed!

glamping 2017
Moroccan chic in Oak Apple Lodge

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If you’ve opted for a glamping holiday this autumn, chances are that you like spending time in the great outdoors. As autumn draws ever nearer, some of the best outdoor activity centres will now be quietening down, making it the perfect time to make the most of the best-rated attractions near your glamping site.

Canoe overlooks lake in Northamptonshire

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It can be hard watching summer come to an end, but at the same time, one of the most beautiful seasons arrives. The weather turns crisp and the days get darker, but the colours of autumn make us feel warm. Autumn is a magical season, and instead of barbeques and relaxing on the beach, you can get nice and cosy by a fire, enjoy toasted marshmallows, carve pumpkins and go for a brisk walk in a magical and colourful setting.

These are only a handful of reasons why autumn is the best season, but in case you need convincing, we have put together a list of why we think this season just can’t be beaten.

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If you’re considering creating or redesigning a glamping abode, have you researched which features are essential in attracting visitors to stay? Apart from the appeal of staying in the great outdoors in luxury, there are certain elements that can seal the deal for prospective customers, and we have to stress that a wood burner is one of the top features.

Wood burner in the living room of cabin lodge.

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In our modern day culture, we are busier than ever with work, education, extracurricular activities, hobbies, fitness and the all the rest of it! At times, it can be difficult to schedule in quality time with your other half or your family members. Statistics show that on average, we only spent 36 minutes of quality time with our loved ones each day, totalling to just three weeks over an entire year! It’s time to make a change and to make the little time you do spend together as special and high quality as possible, so here are our top tips to make the most of your time:

A woman planning a trip Glamping in Cheshire

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