We’re used to talking about interesting and inspiring stories from glamping Devon adventures or treehouse inventions, but an interesting story has emerged from the United States this week that we couldn’t leave unreported. A sporting event which sees more fans attending than for any other single day sporting event on the planet- the famed Indy 500. Anticipated crowds of over 350,000 are expected when the race takes place, as it always does, on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25).

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People enjoying treehouse holidays UK are becoming more and more popular as they look to different options in order to get something more from a vacation. One man who wanted to make a treehouse his permanent location after completing his amazing 30ft high treehouse is Ethan Schussler. But unlike many who choose the simple method of a bridge or ladder to access a treehouse Ethan decided this was not his preferred method and decided to look at other alternatives. So with that in mind the designer decided to put the idea of using an old bicycle to the test. He set out to customise it to move along a huge chain, transforming the bike into his own personal elevator, which steadily rises to the treehouse’s entrance by pedalling.

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So many new and returning visitors get to experience the amazing accommodation we have for glamping in Wales. A glamping Pembrokeshire holiday, is the ideal opportunity for taking yourself away to go to a magnificent location and we have something to make your holiday a magical one no matter where the location. On the topic of magical, we did some searching around the globe and we’ve put together a collection of some of the most magical and inspiring houses on the planet.
It’s not always about how big or how much space you have, how many bedrooms, the size of the kitchen or the appliances you fill your home with, sometimes it’s simply about living out the fairy-tale you’ve always dreamed of regardless of size and possessions.

Hobbit House In New Zealand

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