People who live in the cities here will appreciate how Vietnam’s city dwellers might struggle with day to day hustle and bustle and the space, or lack of it, which the homes have for lots of people.  Many homes in Vietnam struggle to even get plant pots in them so renowned architect Vo Trong Nghia chose to show what can be done to change perceptions of space and construct a house that functions as a number of pots for trees, leading to him winning an acclaimed UK award in the process.
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When you arrive at your luxury glamping Wales location, or when searching for the yurts North Wales has for a vacation you’ll no doubt see the solar powered showers. This is all part of the clean living holiday you are enjoying and it works wonderfully. But what better way is there to prove the potential of renewable solar energy than to sail around the world in a boat that’s running on nothing but that solar energy?
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How many people made daisy chains while lying on the grass as a kid? Sure, we all gave it a go at some point and we thought it was pretty artistic, right? It’s a timeless skill that you can teach your kids while you relax outside your luxury camping Glastonbury accommodation. But have you ever considered making art from the animals and insects that walk among us in nature?
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Something to make your yurt holidays more enjoyable in the knowledge that you’re not the only ones who are doing their bit for the environment by choosing these eco-friendly options. A rather exciting new story that could have some major repercussions across for changing energy use across the world once the story of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, makes big waves in the news when it becomes the first island in the entire world to go completely energy self-sufficient.
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Treehouse holidays UK can be enjoyed by anyone looking to enjoy something different from their vacation while doing their bit to encourage sustainability. Joining the fight for sustainability is the US-based architecture firm Mithum, who unveiled their latest sustainability project recently, the self-titled Sustainability Treehouse, which was commissioned by The Boy Scouts of America.
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I found out about this story after I was looking for ways to build an off-the-grid home in as cool a way as possible, and quite frankly I fell in love with this one! I’ve been on yurt holidays and they are fantastic, but the magic doesn’t last long enough for me. Going on yurt holidays UK is a super way to get the experience and make some ever-lasting memories, and if you’ve never been or done anything like this then let this story captivate you.
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So this amazing new concept of solar roads was brought to our attention last week and what a fantastic idea it is too! The brilliant minds behind Solar Roadways published a video describing their potentially world-changing project earlier this month, but the way they marketed the video and the language they used didn’t really grab the attention of the audiences so a rather exciting remake was produced and has caught the attention of millions of people around the world.

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When you go on away on a luxury camping holiday chopping wood is not something most people will want to be partaking in. However, some people would be more than happy to let their outdoor persona take the reins in order to swing the axe.

Who wouldn’t you want this revolutionary new axe with you while you’re on glamping South Devon to alleviate the normally laborious task of log splitting with this impressive adapted tool? The Finnish inventor Heikki Kärnä invented this new kind of axe to make it much easier and safer, given the amount of effort needed to chop with a standard axe.

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