Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo near our Pembrokeshire glamping location has been successful in achieving their aim to save more than £20,000 on its energy bill in 2014 alone as they strive to further their efforts of going green. Folly Farm aren’t resting there, however, the Adventure Park and Zoo in Wales is continuing to make changes across the park in order to further improve these cost savings.
Zulu the Giraffe | One of the Giraffes at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo | Near Our Pembrokeshire Glamping DestinationFolly Farm’s head honcho’s have said that conserving energy, protecting the environment as well as reducing their overall carbon footprint is now high on their list of priorities.

At the beginning of this year the popular tourist attraction undertook a complete audit of its energy usage and set up an internal working group to consider the various ways in which the park could eventually reduce its overall use of natural resources.

This park and zoo which is home to over 400 different species of animals, managed to switch a staggering 13,000 light bulbs across the fun fair from 60w to low energy 1w LED bulbs. Additionally, they fitted automatic movement sensors to the lights in all public and low-traffic areas such as the toilets which had a large impact.

There has been an inclusion of thermostatically controlled heating to all animal enclosures which has worked a treat. Not to mention Folly’s new recycling of all of the oil used in the restaurants to heat the workshop facilities with the remainder being collected by a specialist firm for refinement into vehicle fuel which has also helped in this wonderful effort to save on all fronts for the environment and business itself.

The giraffes are a highlight of the family attraction, and these exotic animals get through several tonnes of bark from the willow trees every day (!) so to keep up with their massive appetite the zoo has planted a vast three-acre field of willow trees boasting as many as 14,000 trees which will assist in not only feeding the giraffes but other animals in the park over the annual period too.

During the next 10 years the attraction hopes to become progressively more self-sufficient, going as far as to produce its own energy.

Congratulations to Folly Farm on their amazing efforts and long may it continue!

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