people of the uk being asked to vote for favourite mammal

The people of Britain have been called upon to vote for their favourite mammal through a new poll unveiled by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB).

Lutra lutra near Quality Unearthed

The RSB are looking to identify which non-domestic creature that exists within our shores and coastal waters is dearest to the hearts of the nation for the Brits. Candidates for the poll include such well-known favourites as the fox, the water vole, soprano pipistrelle bat, highland wildcat, bottlenose dolphin, and the red squirrel.

Running in conjunction with Biology Week, the survey is intended to source what British people value most-highly in the environment.

At present, as many as 101 species of mammal call Britain home. Some of those that make up this number are fairly recent arrivals, while others have been residing here as far back as the last ice age.

The survey is predominantly made up of land animals, bar a few: The tiny soprano pipistrelle – one of 18 species of bat found in the UK and the bottlenose dolphin.

Many of the mammals in Britain are now classed as endangered, but can still be spotted in and around our glamping UK abodes even though natural habitats are becoming more scarce for these mammals.

While there is a decline in habitats for many of these mammals, one of Britain’s best-loved species is on the up. The ban on otter hunting, introduced back in 1978, paired with an overall increase in water quality in rivers, has seen numbers of otters slowly rising. Additionally, the beaver has bounced back from being officially declared extinct in this country, as a result of hunting back in the 16th century. The return from extinction was aided after a small number of beavers were reintroduced here, and now the beaver is a welcome UK resident once again, and thought to be a strong candidate in the poll.

If you would like to register to vote you can do so by following this link:

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