pictures: 7 of the most breath-taking secluded winter houses in awe-inspiring locations

We’ve all had that sudden urge to just up and leave it all behind, right? You know that feeling when everything is just too much and all you want it’s the simpler things in life, like living in a secluded home disconnected from the outside world with nothing but your surroundings. Here at Quality Unearthed we get that desire too, so you’re not alone, but what if this isn’t something that could ever be reality? Here’s just the thing!
Secluded House | Tromso Norway |  Glamping

Below is a compilation of 7 of the most breath taking winter houses in wintery wonderlandesque locations you are ever likely to come across. So get a nice warm cuppa, get cosy, scroll down over these superb houses in spectacular location and day dream away….

Oh! And by the way, some of the locations we were unsure of so if anyone knows exact locations then we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you have any places you’ve seen that you think are good enough to be added to our list then share them with us on Facebook and we’ll take a look!

Secluded House | Oxnadular Iceland |  Glamping 

Located in Northern Iceland, near Öxnadalur,  this house appears as thought it were the only one on the planet, how serene.

Dents Du Midi | Switzerland | Glamping Accommodation 

Dents du Midi in French translates to “The Teeth of the South.”  These particular mountains located in the Chablais Alps in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Northern Lights |  West Iceland | Glamping Accommodation

Does it get any better than this view? The Northern Lights lighting up a the night’s sky in West Iceland.

Secluded House | Tromso Norway |  Glamping

This picture really has it all, doesn’t it? Unimaginable backdrop, a lake to go fishing from and a warm, cosy home to live in in Tremso, Norway.

Hidden House | Winter Houses | Glamping Accommodation

Just about visible is a paradise for lovers of seclusion. Surrounded by amazing snowy trees, and nothing/no one else.

House in Tirol, Austria | Glamping Abodes | Luxury Camping Accommodation

Perhaps slightly eerie, but on a clear day we have no doubt this would be a very tempting location to settle in. Located in the Tirol region of Austria, you’ll find all the peace and quiet you need. 

Winter Houses | Glamping in the UK | Secluded Luxury Camping

Pure natural picturesque awesomeness. There aren’t many places that come close to this wintery destination cited in Stockholm, Sweden. 

If these amazing places have given you itchy feet and you fancy taking a break, then why not try our Shropshire luxury camping accommodation, after all Shropshire, luxury, glamping, and you, would make the perfect combination!

Images: Earth Porm.

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