research highlights vital role essential oils play in helping regular blood pressure

If your highly stressful life in the modern world is getting on top of you and you need something to get you by until your next glamping trip, help is at hand. Scientists have proven that breathing in some of nature’s most enjoyable fragrances can in fact reduce the harmful effects of stress and high blood pressure so often linked with stress.


Researchers in Korea have determined that inhaling essential oils can assist in the lowering of high blood pressure, while being completely devoid of any detrimental side effects often associated with prescribed medication.


The study identified the effects of essential oil inhalation on the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure, or in Layman’s terms, your blood pressure as you move around in your normal day-to-day life. The study also identified the effects on the salivary cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone created by the adrenal glands.


The scientists had a total of 83 people involved in the study, including participants with elevated blood pressure or early-stage high blood pressure and individuals already diagnosed with high blood pressure.


A third of the study’s participants were given a necklace to wear that was scented with an essential oil blend of marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender, and neroli to inhale. The subjects had to wear the necklace during the day and then place an aroma stone with two oil drops by the bedside for a 24-hour inhalation time-frame. There was an additional placebo group who were asked to inhale artificial fragrances for 24 hours and the control group received no treatment.


The research established that the inhalation of this essential oil blend had immediate and continuous effects on both daytime blood pressure and stress reduction. These results point to the fact that essential oil therapy shows promise in the control of high blood pressure.

While some of us may find this unsurprising, it sometimes takes official research for others to be convinced. Aromatherapy is as old as nature itself. The scents of flowers, trees and other plants have always had an impact on other life forms. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were connoisseurs in the use of aromatherapy and the healing properties of these natural oils.


Image: Mike under Creative Commons.

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