would you ride buses running on leftover coffee grounds?

They might not drop you off to your destination to go glamping in Sussex just yet but the idea has been mooted by the guy behind the idea that London buses could one day be fuelled by coffee leftovers after a project to turn grounds into biofuel. Did we mention that this exciting project won a European environmental prize?
Coffee Beans With A Mug The eco-entrepreneur behind the project, Arthur Kay, said the £400,000 prize money he received for his ingenious idea would allow for his start-up company bio-bean to revolutionise transport.

The witty company name Bio-bean speaks for itself, and is located in the ideal location of Tower Bridge. Bio-Bean has already been successful in signing up some of the nation’s biggest coffee chains to collect waste from their shops and factories.

The firm currently uses a patented process in order to turn coffee grounds into biodiesel and fuel pellets at a factory located in Sussex.

Bio-Bean’s founder, Kay, is still only 23 but has big plans. He launched the company 18 months ago and collects about 2% of the estimated 200,000 tonnes of coffee drunk by Londoners each year. If it were all converted into fuel, bio-bean estimates it would save CO2 emissions that would be the equivalent to driving a bus 7,675 times around the world!

Mr Kay is hoping to use his prize money to develop plans to recycle as much as 40% of London’s coffee by this time in 2015.

The entrepreneur’s discovery came about while studying architecture at University College London, where his brief was to design a more eco-friendly coffee shop. 

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