save uk’s butterflies with the plant pots for pollinators campaign

Alan Titchmarsh has called on the residents of the UK, whether you are an avid gardener, luxury camping UK outdoors lover, or just an appreciator of wildlife, to have a plant pot brimming with nectar-rich plants so that the countries butterflies, bees and moths can be helped to thrive again.

A butterfly on a plant near Quality Unearthed

Furthermore, Alan has stated that should every one of the UK’s 22 million gardens have just a single pot, it would create a pollen-style highway for the under threat insects.

As part of the Butterfly Conservation’s Plant Pots for Pollinators campaign launch, Alan said in a recent interview: “One carefully planted, well positioned pot or container can make a huge difference to butterflies, moths, bees and pollinating insects that need nectar to fuel their work.

“Our butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects are under threat like never before. The places where they live are disappearing at a worrying rate, putting the future of many species at risk.

“But you can do your bit in your garden by planting a pot for pollinators.

“You don’t need a big, fancy garden to be butterfly-friendly, a window box will do the job if you are short of space.

“You don’t need green-fingers to get involved – planting a pot for pollinators is a really easy project.

“Remember your front gardens too. You can bring colour and life to your doorstep with a pot for pollinators.

“Persuade your neighbours to do the same and the street where you live could become a flowery super highway for butterflies and moths, helping them move through built-up areas to find suitable breeding habitat.”

Alan suggests plants such as catmint, lamb’s ears and wild marjoram as the best options for nectar-rich planting that the insects can benefit from.

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