snakes are the biggest tree-huggers of them all

Trips to glamping Isle of Wight locations will no doubt see you encountering nature at its finest. You’ll find yourself in the company of beautiful wildlife and trees that rustle in the gentle breeze. Fortunately you won’t come across a snake wrapped up in one of these trees. However it has been discovered that snakes are just massive tree-huggers.

Boa Constrictor- Climbing A TreeWhen a snake climbs a tree, it will squeeze the trunk as much as five times harder than necessary, a new study has shown.

In the first ever research of its kind, biologists have measured the exertion of force by climbing snakes. This has been conducted by using pressure sensors on a vertical pipe, wrapped in tennis grip.

Each of the snakes in the study (10 in total) held onto the pipe far tighter than was necessary to support their own weight.

The research advocates that these slithery reptiles put safety before efficiency, making the potential of a fall as unlikely as possible.

The snakes, which included three boa constrictors and a green tree python in its testing, all used a climbing technique called “concertina locomotion”. Ripples of squeezing muscles, holding the snake onto the column, travel along its length while the spaces in between inch forward.

As they climbed, the sensors recorded how much pressure was applied, all along the pipe but there were some who were also reluctant to set off in the first place- who’d have thought it?!

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