snowdonia national park successful in dark sky status bid

The breath-taking night sky that offers visitors a glimpse at the wonders of our universe from afar above the Snowdonia National Park has just been granted special protection.

An image at one of the world’s dark sky reserves similar to the one near Quality Unearthed

The news marks Wales’ second, and just the 10th destination on the planet to be awarded the welcome status of an international dark sky reserve.

The National Park has been successful in being granted this status due to the fact that the quality of the night air is outstanding, and because standout efforts are being made in order to reduce light pollution in the area.

The great news came from the Dark Sky Institute in Arizona, United States, and Emyr Williams, chief executive of Snowdonia National Park Authority said: “receiving this designation is very good news for the residents, businesses, visitors and the wildlife of Snowdonia.”

“Unfortunately, the opportunity to enjoy the night sky and its stars is in decline, the living patterns of nocturnal creatures are dwindling and as light pollution is rising, it contributes to these deteriorations.

“However, with this designation, the area’s wildlife will be improved, the quality of the environment will be protected, there will be a new natural attraction to attract new visitors to Snowdonia on quiet periods of the year, the local economy will be improved and the dark sky above Snowdonia will be protected for future generations.”

What fantastic news! The whole team here at Quality Unearthed are over the moon, and we’re sure that anyone who has ever booked a luxury glamping UK break with us will share our sentiments.


Image: Bureau of Land Management under Creative Commons.


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