solar farms in england and wales aiming to become more wildlife friendly

Anesco has begun to work in conjunction with wildlife charity RSPB to help increase the volumes of wildlife at solar farms across England and Wales.

Visitors at a Westmill Solar Co-operative Open Day at Westmill Solar Park

The clean tech business, Anesco, along with the RSPB revealed recently announced that they have planned to establish and create new habitats for struggling species, for example, skylarks, tree sparrows, and turtle doves.


The experts at the RSPB have said that wild flower meadow areas and seed-rich planting in the unused margins of the solar farms, as well as the tracks that are between the panels are the ideal place for assisting the thriving of insects such as bees and butterflies. Additionally, it will offer great nesting locations and food for birds.


It was confirmed that RSPB experts plan to visit a handful of the solar farms Anesco run with the aim to give advice on options for improvements that priority species can take advantage of and benefit from. Anesco has confirmed that once the RSPB have made their recommendations they will then be able to shape their biodiversity management plans for their new solar farm sites.


This new partnership could be a shining light for improving the state of the wildlife we all love to see when we are out walking, or on luxury camping UK breaks, for example. Tied in with the fact that renewable energy helping to improve our environment, there is a hope that more companies will show an interest in these types of partnerships.


Image: MrRenewables under Creative Commons.

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