spring activities come wind, rain or shine

Spring is fast approaching and with it comes some great improvements in the weather! Although we cannot guarantee that the sun will be shining, we’ve come up with a list of the best activities (child-friendly of course) that you can do this spring come wind, rain or shine!

daisies spotted on a glamping holiday

For the warm, sunny days:

When the days are long, sunny and warm, it’s almost a crime not to head outside and make the most of it! A few activity ideas for you and the kids are…

Make your own picnic and take it out on an adventure
Get the kids involved in making their own lunch, whether this is cake baking prep the night before or simply filling sandwiches and packing sausage rolls in the morning. Pack up your basket and head out on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before! You can then all sit and enjoy the sunshine whilst creating long pretty chains of daisies.

Go bird watching

Bird watching is a very peaceful and rewarding experience, bring out a book so that you can all learn about the wonders of the world and enjoy the serene setting you find yourself in. Don’t forget the binoculars!

Go foraging for fruits and berries

The time of year will be a deciding factor on what you forage for; however, almost every time of year offers something delicious. If you pick berries and strawberries you can make them into tasty treats later on (if you’ve not over indulged already!)

Create a miniature garden

Get each of the kids a large flowerpot filled with soil, some potted plants from the garden centre and some extra seeds and task each child to build their own miniature garden! This can be a friendly activity or a competition where the winner will receive a prize.

Plant flowers, fruits, and plants

The late winter and early spring is the perfect time to start planting seeds and sprouts in your garden in preparation for summer. You can pick the option to grow them from seeds, or pick up some pre-potted versions at the garden centre and get ready to see your garden spring into life over the next few weeks!

Create a nature picture

Collect fallen leaves, petals and flowers together and dry them over a wood burner or radiator, then you can get crafty! Try to make these unusual shapes into animals or scenes of nature, this gets the creative juices flowing and proves to be a lot of fun!

Visit the local wildlife

Wildlife is everywhere in the countryside, from your gardens and hedgerows to the local zoo or woodland, take this opportunity to learn about the incredible creatures that inhabit our world and meet them up close and personal.

kids flying kites on a glamping holiday

Cool, windy days:

Cool windy days often leave you thinking “what can we do with the kids today?” but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you:

Flower pressing

Pressing flowers is a very rewarding process, done quite simply but laying a beautiful flower between two sheets of paper and sandwiching them between either a proper flower press, or under a set of heavy books. Leave the flowers for around 2 weeks and then come back and check on them and voila! Pressed to perfection, and you can do with these what you please!

Fly a kite

What better weather to fly a kite than on a windy day? Head out to coastal hilltop locations to get the best of the wind; beaches can also be particularly good locations to see your kite soar! Kite flying is somewhat of a skill though; so don’t be disheartened if your kite takes a nose-dive every now and then!

Make wind chimes

Utilise the wonderful weather that is around by creating wind chimes that will jingle in the breeze. These can be made from seashells; metal chimes or even old trinkets, anything that makes a pretty sound can be added. Hang the finished chimes in the garden to make the most of your creations!

Build a fairy house or insect hotel

A fairy house or insect hotel can be built in almost any weather, however, is particularly good for cooler days when you are in need of the gardens shelter for outdoor activities. Use twigs, leaves, flowers and twine to build up your masterpiece and create a home fit for a fairy queen or some insects!

Trip to the garden centre

Garden centres mean that you can enjoy some of the amazing things that you’d find outside without the worry of the weather! This is a great time to plan for the future of your garden, collecting resources, seeds, plants and pots for your next gardening adventure!

raindrops on the window of a glamping abode

For rainy days:

Unfortunately the rain in the UK can come along quite unexpectedly, however, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of activities that can be done in the wet weather too! So, what can you do on a rainy day?

Build a bird box

Look forward to the sunny days ahead when the birds will be visiting your garden for a tasty snack and build a bird box! This can be simply constructed from leftover wood and a few nails, ensure that there is nothing sharp that will harm the animals and make sure you keep it stocked with suitable bird snacks!

Do a rain dance

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day” sing the classic song as you splash about in the puddles and, no matter what age you are, we are sure to be giggling away in just a few short seconds. Get your wellies out and make the most of the downpour!

Go for a wander in the rain 

Walking in the rain may not be quite the same as a wander on a warm summers day, however, with the correct preparations, some waterproofs and a brolly you can have just as much fun! Everything can really look quite magical in the rain, changing the environments quite dramatically, so this trip will be both educational and fun!

Paint a picture of what you can see out of the window

Can you see a pretty view out of the window? It may be time to pick up your paintbrush! Dig out those old colouring sets and re-create what you can see on paper, the rain on the window glass will likely skew your view ever so slightly, so an abstract piece of art may be the way forward. Who knows, it could be worth millions one day!

Read a book

Take some “me” time and lose yourself in the magical stories that can be found in books, not every minute has to be about action packed adventures, and taking a little time out can be a very rewarding experience. So listen to the calming sounds of the rain and immerse yourself in the world created amongst the pages.

Almost all of these activities are simply perfect for when you are glamping in Devon, Dorset, Sussex or any of our other wonderful locations to help you to make the most of your trip come rain or shine!

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