Glamping is about enjoying the environment and natural living for what it is, untouched, unique spaces that we can all appreciate. So the news that the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has recorded the majority of shoppers in the UK now being concerned more with helping to preserve the ocean’s seafood population than they are with the price and brand of their seafood when it comes to purchases was something that helps the effort as a whole.

A shell attached to a fishing net on a wall near Quality Unearthed

The recent survey was conducted by GlobeScan, an independent research and insights company, on behalf of the MSC. More than 16,000 seafood consumers made up of 21 countries were involved in the research, which allowed the MSC to present a statistically representative sample for each individual country.

52% of British seafood consumers stated that they are happy to pay higher prices for assured sustainable seafood. Additionally, an overwhelming 77% of respondents were in agreement that for us to preserve our oceans, only seafood obtained via sustainable sources should be purchased. What is good to hear is that sustainability was rated above price and brand among people in the research, which suggests shoppers take an eco-friendlier approach when it comes to making seafood purchases than other consumer goods when brand and price are characteristically high on the considerations list.

18-34 year olds were the main demographic to display not only concerns in regards to fish traceability in the shops, but also the wish and desire to help preserve stocks for the future.

Furthermore, the choices shoppers at present are making in terms of opting to buy more MSC fish is genuinely having a fruitful impact on the oceans. Evidence through MSC’s recent global impacts study highlighted that of the 281 certified fisheries 94% have made a minimum of one further improvement to assist in strengthening or further monitoring sustainability, which will result in the re-emergence of healthier oceans across the globe.

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