The winter is almost over, but spring still offers those crispier temperatures at times, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a tasty Welsh delicacy to warm you from the inside out, in the form of delicious Anglesey eggs.  What better time to try this recipe for yourself than when you’re at a glamping North Wales destination? Of course you can try the recipe anywhere you like, but it gives that extra slice of authenticity, right?

Anglesey eggs - ideal to be cooked in one of our glamping North Wales abodes

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The first thing we should mention is that these handy food life-hacks aren’t just for the glamping community, but they will come in useful when you’re out staying in glamping wagons and other such luxury camping abodes. So without further ado, check out our culinary cheats to make your life easier, leaving you more time to concentrate on other fun things!

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This week marks official British Egg Week, (5th-11th October 2015). Eggs are a wonderful way to stay healthy and are inexpensive too. But not everyone likes to consume them, and we like to be a little different to the mainstream, so instead of celebrating with eggs we’re celebrating one of our favourite dishes normally made WITH eggs that you can make WITHOUT eggs!

An empty egg box on a table at one of the Quality Unearthed UK yurt holidays


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If you didn’t spot this in the news, or hear about it through the grapevine, then where have you been? The internet was positively buzzing when our friends across the channel in France recently passed a truly amazing legislation that is quite frankly full of common sense- making it against the law for companies to purposely waste discarded food. And it’s with great thanks that this has happened due to one man in particular- Arash Derambarsh.

Arash Derambarsh the local councillor who kick-started the fight against food waste in Paris.
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