the benefits of playing outdoors for kids in the winter

Parents often find that in the winter it is harder to find activities for the kids to partake in that gets them outdoors, with fears of winter colds and dangerous slides making the outdoors seem like a scary place. However, research has revealed that there isn’t anything better that you could do for your kids in the winter period than getting them outside to play! Here are just a few of the best benefits they could experience when playing outdoors in the winter whilst on your glamping holidays:

kids playing in the snow on their glamping holidays

See the world from a new perspective

In the summer, the children get every chance to explore the great outdoors in many different locations, from the golden sandy beaches to the towering trees in the woods! But why shouldn’t they be able to experience this during the winter too? The change of seasons means that there is a whole new world to explore, providing both an exciting and educational experience. The world looks incredibly magical when dusted in a coat of icy white, or as the rain is pouring; think of the outdoors as an all-weather playground and you’ll all manage to have an exciting adventure!

Problem solving

Playing outside all year around leads to different types of problems that will need to be solved, from how to build a strong snowman, to the technical needs of building an outdoor den. The change in weather conditions leads to a differing array of issues and will really test the brainpower of the children. It can even help to get their creative juices going whilst coming up with new and exciting activities that they can enjoy during the cooler months of the year.

Using different muscles

Trudging through the mud or snow means that your body has to use different muscles. In a child, this is vital to help their bodies to grow strong and to adapt to the changes in their environment. Playing games outdoors at all times of year is good to develop muscles, even if it is simply walking; however, the challenges of the autumn and winter make it that much more beneficial.

Fresh air and building up the good bacteria

There is nothing quite like a good dose of fresh air, the cold crisp air of the winter may seem a little harsh at first but is good for you! It has been proved time and time again that fresh air helps to bring out the positive endorphins in your body and leave you feeling happier for longer. Although you may want to keep the kids away from any harmful germs and bacteria, it is important that they are exposed to these cells in small doses to build up their immunity and help them in the future. A small cold might actually prevent a child from getting properly ill so you can be thankful for that sniffley nose!

Vitamin D

The all-important vitamin D is not only gained in the summer, you should try to get out and about in all weather conditions and seasons to ensure that your body gets the right amount of exposure to vitamin D.

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