the super tomato: coming to a salad near you!

If you love tucking into some good fruit and veg while on a luxury camping UK break then this will be music to your ears and undoubtedly get your tummy rumbling in anticipation as researchers develop healthier plants, naturally, it has been revealed.

A juicy red tomato ready to be eaten by a visitor to one of our UK glamping accommodation locations.

Researchers at the University of Pisa in Italy have found that tomato plants which are grown using a number of certain microorganisms then create a symbiosis called mycorrhiza, resulting in the fruit possessing an increased level of the nutrients and minerals that initially make tomatoes healthy for humans to eat.

Here’s the science bit: In studies, tomatoes that have been ‘mycorrhized’ contain a higher level of lycopene (+18.5%), calcium (+15%), potassium (+11%), phosphates (+60%) and zinc (+28%) than conventionally cultivated plants have.

Furthermore, as well as having more of what benefits humans, the super-plant is also more sustainable to grow due to the fact that it needs fewer fertilisers and pesticides.

In agreement with Ortofruttifero di San Giuliano Terme, 10,000 new plants will be cultivated in Tuscany in 2015, with another 70,000 planned for 2016.

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