things to consider for a great autumn glamping holiday

Autumn is a beautiful and enchanted season full of warming and cosy-esque features such as the brown and red-coloured leaves, accompanied by fresh, crisp winds and perhaps the first drops of rain that sound so good when you’re undercover.

A squirrel on yellow autumn leaves near Quality Unearthed

This may not sound like the greatest of times to go on a holiday, but when we look into it a little further, we can see that this idea is, in fact, wrong.

So, when you’re booking an autumn break for log cabin holidays, Wales, for example, you shouldn’t shy away from getting rather excited by the potential an autumnal break offers. First of all, there’s always that last bit of sun that we often crave, and it’s not over ‘til it’s over, but let’s be honest, we never know when that is with our glorious country. If you’re a lover of the outdoors and the perks of a unique holiday of this kind, but don’t want to be caught out by the imminent temperature drop that autumn months bring, then try glamping, it’s pretty special!

Here are things to consider for a great autumn glamping trip:

Do your research

When you choose a glamping vacation with Quality Unearthed you get the luxury of choosing a range of different abodes.

Glamping gives you the freedom to select the type of accommodation that you feel you would enjoy most, giving you the opportunity to make the best of the autumn conditions. From safari tents, to shepherd’s huts, gypsy caravans, a treehouse abode or a modern classic – the yurt- the choice is yours and they all have their own special individual qualities.

These unique, eco-friendly dwellings leave no permanent carbon footprint and can give you an amazing experience regardless of the weather conditions.


Know what to pack

Glamping isn’t your ordinary camping trip. Your vehicle isn’t going to be jam-packed with sleeping bags, tent poles, air beds, and kitchenware. The beauty is in the service and amenities provided. Realistically, all you’ll need to pack is a change of clothes, basic toiletries and possibly some food, and of course a camera to capture all your magical moments. You may want to bring a torch in case you have to nip out to use the loo in the night (if it’s located elsewhere).

We would always add that you should let common sense prevail. Make sure you pack for the most of extreme conditions whether that be glorious sunshine or tropical rain.


Autumn adventures await

Depending on the destination of your glamping trip there is normally an abundance of things you can do to fill your days.

Walks along country lanes with those freshly laid leaves underfoot as you stroll with your nearest and dearest is a great option. Alternatively, you can explore the local attractions, sample local food and drinks at the nearby pubs and farmer’s markets. Cycle rides are another fantastic way to explore the local area while remaining seated. Some of the accommodation we have will even offer bicycle hire for an extra fee. Take a camera, you never know what landscapes you might come across that you fall in love with, or wildlife you may stumble upon in their natural habitat.


Whatever the weather

Depending on how much you find yourself affected by the weather outside you can be as keen or reserved as you like when it comes to venturing outside. The best part about glamping is that there’s plenty of room inside to stay comfy, there’s the luxury of the facilities, and the indoor temperatures are definitely not anything to be concerned with.

That beautiful sound of the rain while you are wrapped up inside gazing out at the rain is unique and we’ve never met anyone who didn’t love that feeling!

However, we all know what the UK is like and we can never rule out a lovely Indian summer during autumn. Glamping is versatile and allows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation, putting you back in touch with nature and the more important things in life, no matter what the weather brings.

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