three reasons to go glamping this autumn

While those lazy summer evenings, relaxing al fresco may have just finished up for the year, there’s still lots to look forward to when it comes to going on a luxury camping UK holiday this autumn.

Four leaves on a bench near Quality Unearthed

Glamping in particular has plenty to offer people, from romantic getaways to family staycations and more. It may not be the first time of year you think of to go, but autumn is arguably the prime time to go. Why? Well, we can tell you…


Appealing weather

The summer has officially ended, but no matter, the weather here in the UK during autumn can be just as appealing when you think about it. Average October temperatures drop, but swap the late evenings for early mornings, going for walks and experiencing those crisp landscapes, with the browns, yellows and oranges of the trees that surround you as the leaves crunch underfoot is just magnificent! You’re more likely to see things you never thought you would as well, nature and wildlife at their best, for example.


Fewer crowds 

If you go glamping near some of the popular locations and fancy wandering to destinations that people are likely to want to visit, then doing so in autumn means that you are avoiding the hordes of tourists who would have made these places so busy during the summer months. You’ll have the alluring walks and scenery mostly to yourself to enjoy them to the fullest, which is always an exciting prospect!


Local food and drink

Autumn is one of the ideal times of the year to spoil yourself when it comes to local food and markets for example. There’s all kinds of produce that local farmers and other producers will have on offer that have come in to season. This ties in nicely with the peak food festivals, which are not to be missed, not matter where you choose to go for your autumnal holiday!

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