three tips for being eco-friendly at work

Eco Friendly Green Conservation Climate Change Global Warming Think Globally Act Locally Commute Car Share Power Down Reduce Reuse Recycle | Quality Unearthed Luxury Glamping Holidays UKEarlier this month an agreement was reached in Paris as to how the world will tackle climate change – so how can you help while at work?

The agreement was reached between every country in the world at COP21, the 21st annual Conference of Parties. Representatives from every nation met to try and establish a new, eco-friendly framework of regulations which aim to combat climate change and protect our environment – in every part of the world.

The regulations aim at managing climate change on a global scale, but as ever, the mantra ‘think globally, act locally’ should be applied to it.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to spend all year off grid glamping in Devon, so how can you make a difference in the fight against climate change during your daily nine to five?

1 Power down!

One of the most obvious, straightforward and easiest ways to save energy is to make sure you’re not wasting any.

This is as easy as making sure you turn off the lights when you leave a meeting room or your office, or just ensuring you do not leave computer screens or TVs switched on for any longer than you need them.

2 Cut down on your commute.

A huge contributor to global warming is carbon emissions, and that’s something anyone can have a direct effect on.

Avoiding making long journeys by car will see you drastically cut down our carbon emissions, with little effort. So how can you do that? Car share with a colleague or commit to cycling to work a couple of times a week. Not only is cycling good for the environment, but it’s also good for your health and happiness!

3 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The three Rs are a big deal and could have a huge effect on reversing the effects of climate change, if we were all to buy into them.

The principles are simple.

  • Reduce the amount of resources you use – do you need to keep the tap running while you brush your teeth?
  • Reuse – do you need a disposable coffee cup every time you have a hot drink, or could you use a reusable cup?
  • Recycle – rather than throwing out your cardboard packaging, empty tins and plastic bottles make the effort to separate them and place them in recycling bins.
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