tiny homes: a trend that could change the world?

The world we live in is changing, with more people than ever showing concern for the state of our environment and turning to more eco-friendly choices in their lives. As the trend for environmentally conscious living spreads like wildfire, one of the most recent trends to spark interest is that of tiny homes.

a tiny paper home positioned in the grass

We’ve long had a housing crisis, with not enough homes, not enough space, and simply not enough money to fund them all, but tiny houses could be a potential solution. Well, it could be for those willing to give up a bit of space in their homes, instead living a more minimalistic lifestyle (which has in fact, been proven to increase happiness and productivity).

Our quirky glamping abodes are a perfect example of the ways in which people have found ways of downsizing, saving an absolute fortune and absolutely loving it! Although we only offer our abodes as holiday rentals, we know of many people that have been inspired by their glamping holidays to take the plunge and see what life could be like in a tiny home.

People all over the world have been taking on the tiny home challenge, giving up their spacious homes and their full-sized appliances to see how they would adapt to the change of environment. You might be surprised to hear that almost everyone who has embraced the challenge has absolutely loved it! Yes, it takes some adapting to, but you don’t have to be an eco-warrior hipster to do it, many families, entrepreneurs and others too have taken the plunge and found a better life for themselves.

There are many different forms of tiny homes, from those that are repurposed abodes, such as lorries and shepherds huts, which have been given a new lease of life and been kitted out with all one would need to live comfortably. Then there are purpose-built structures such as yurts, safari tents and eco-pods, which have evolved over time into the luxury camping experiences we all know and love today. Finally, there are, quite literally, purpose built tiny houses. Highly skilled craftsmen such as architects and engineers have created these, with their expert eye for design. Those who have taken on the task of building a tiny home have found new, innovative ways to utilise space and to make the most what is available to create some truly beautiful, awe-inspiring structures.

You may be wondering what the benefits of tiny home are? Well, there is a long list of benefits, just a few of which include:

  • Cost saving
  • Energy saving
  • Low initial investment (when compared to that of a traditional house)
  • Eco-friendly living
  • No debts
  • Low maintenance
  • A minimalistic lifestyle

De-cluttering and simplifying your life could be a breath of fresh air; you’ll probably be surprised at how much you have that you simply don’t need. Plus, having less space indoor will encourage you to spend more time out and about, making the most of the natural environment. Why not plant your own vegetable garden and take a step towards being fully self-sufficient? The possibilities of a tiny home are endless, and one of the best benefits is that you can create a custom-made space for you! You may have once thought that building your own home was something you could only dream of, but with a tiny home, that dream could become reality!

Is tiny home living for you? If this is something that you would consider, we’d love to hear from you, so get in touch via our social media channels! Or, if you have already taken on the tiny home challenge, we’d love to see photos of your humble abodes!

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