tourism minister lauds glamping for helping north wales in quest to become ‘capital of adventure’

Glamping in North Wales will assist the region in the quest to become Britain’s top destination for adventure holidays, the Wales deputy tourism minister has recently stated.

Goldfinch Gypsy Wagon & Shepherd’s Hut in Wye Valley with Quality Unearthed

The deputy tourism minister, Mr Ken Skates, recently reiterated that 2016 has been designated as the Year of Adventure in Wales, and the team here at Quality Unearthed can think of no better time to enjoy a glamping Wales trip!


As many people will be aware, North Wales is already the shining light in terms of leading the way in the adventure tourism stakes, with attractions such as Bounce Below, Zip World, and Surf Snowdonia setting the region firmly on the international map.


It has recently been estimated that the staycation market will be worth £1.7 billion in the UK by next year, so there is clearly a lot of interest and with so many fantastic destinations and abodes to choose from, it’s little surprise.


Mr Skates added: “We want to be number one in the adventure market”, and it’s the current wealth of innovative businesses that surround our glamping North Wales abodes that are going to help it achieve this target.


Why not take a look at our Wales accommodation to be part of the Year of Adventure in Wales yourself?

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