uk holidaymakers say sustainable tourism should be a priority

Research based on the opinions of UK holidaymakers has found that they think the travel industry, as opposed to the Government, should be the ones who take the reins to lead the way when it comes to responsible tourism.

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A convincing 59% of UK holidaymakers involved in the study cited said they feel it’s the industry’s obligation to make tourism sustainable, compared with 25% who consider it the Government’s role to push things forward. For those in the industry, the majority (55%) also said they felt the same way, and that those in a position to make a difference had the greatest responsibility to counteract issues such as climate change, with more than two thirds (70%) confirming their feelings that the industry has moved to a more responsible level over the course of the past decade.

In typical British fashion, holidaymakers themselves are grabbing the bull by the horns to do their bit to assist in the initiative, with three quarters (75%) of respondents stating sustainability and the environment is a vital consideration when it comes to choosing their preferred holiday destination.

To add to the already encouraging news of holidaymakers making responsible choices, it also represents a notable upsurge in the past year, after the same study conducted in 2015 discovered that 61% of those involved in the research considered these issues to be important. A growth of 14% represents some really encouraging change in the thinking of people in the UK, not just those who already opt for a more sustainable break when they go on log cabin holidays in Wales.

On the whole, the British holidaymakers’ perception of the industry’s efforts to tackle its environmental impact is that more work is required. 35% claimed they felt travel had become more sustainable, 17% felt the opposite, with a large proportion (48%) feeling unsure.

An overwhelming nine out of ten industry executives stated that sustainability is an important aspect of their organisation, which is another progression from this time last year, when it was 80%.

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