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If you’re lucky enough to be newly engaged, we would like to extend our congratulations from all of us at Quality Unearthed. Maybe you’re in the middle of planning where you and your partner will go to celebrate your marriage, perhaps you’re helping out your best friend or sister with some honeymoon inspiration or you’re simply daydreaming of the future. If your search for unique honeymoon ideas has led you to our website, and this blog post, then you will not be disappointed! Here is our top tips, tricks and advice to ensure that the honeymoon will be one that is always remembered:

Couple on honeymoon prepare opt for glamping, Devon, with spectacular field views.

Quirky destinations

Everyone knows about the rolling hills of Tuscany. Everyones heard about the romance in Paris. Everyones seen the white sands of the Caribbean. If you want your honeymoon to have the feeling of being unique, it’s time to get off the beaten track and look at something that is a little different from the norm (especially if you’re the sort of couple who don’t follow the crowd!).

There are many idllyic locations right here in the UK, from the luscious fields, the stunning beach coasts, the endless forests and even a mountain or two – you just have to go exploring!

Places you can visit again

Whilst the lure of exotic islands entices thousands to take their honeymoons in places like the Caribbean or Fiji, these generic locations can feel just like that… generic and clichéd. It is also going to cost you a bucket load of money to go back to these places if you want a special way to celebrate your anniversary.

Opting for a destination that you can visit year after year for your anniversary is a sure-fire way to cement the special bond between you and your partner. Whilst it’s always exciting to travel to different corners of the world with your other half, and we strongly recommend you do this if you can, having that one place that holds a special place in both your hearts, as well as being easy to get to, is truly worth while.

Cosy accommodation

Big fancy hotel rooms? They’re not for everyone. If you’re looking for romance on your honeymoon opting for cosier accommodation options is a great way to ensure you and your partner get and feel a little closer on your honeymoon stay.

Save your money for another milestone

Opting for grand honeymoons can also be quite expensive, especially after you have forked out for a big wedding! Instead, you can look to save your money by going on a staycation that will be just as romantic and meaningful (and will be even sweeter now that you’ve saved a few pennies!). The extra money you would have allocated to an expensive honeymoon abroad could be put towards another huge milestone like saving for a house or baby funds.

Enjoy a romantic setting, all to yourselves

With popular destinations you can expect many tourists to visit, especially during peak seasons. If you book a hotel you can also expect it to be over-run with other tourists, whilst for some people this thought is appealing, for others who want to feel like the only two people in the world, this may put them off.  However, if you opt for an alternative honeymoon, in a glamping, treehouse, cabin or wagon abode, you can wake up to an unspoilt and peaceful setting, where you and your partner can enjoy the idyllic setting, all to yourselves. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

Achieve something from your bucket list, together

If you have your heart set on glamping, Devon and Cornwall have a range of fabulous options, close to the coast! Or, alternatively, you could both spend your honeymoon in a secluded cabin, set amongst the beautiful North Wales scenery. Wherever you decide to go, there are many activities you can tick off your bucket lists. There is nothing like achieving something spectacular together, whether that’s reaching the summit of a mountain, flying on a zip wire or taking to the waves in beginner surf lessons, there are countless amount of activities waiting for you on your staycation honeymoon.

With so many reasons to stay in the UK for your unique honeymoon and so many alternative options to choose from, where will you be going on your honeymoon?

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