video: the city mushroom farm that feeds its crops on discarded barista coffee pucks

Hands up who loves nothing better to start the day as you make your way to your job in the city with a cup of coffee? Ever thought about what happens to the grounds that are left over after you’ve walked away with your tasty cappuccino? One social enterprise did and now they are feeding their mushrooms at an urban farm as a result.
GroCycle Urban Mushroom FarmWe introduce to you GroCycle, an Urban Mushroom Farm- they specialise in turning waste coffee grounds into gourmet oyster mushrooms in an interesting location- an old unused office space in the middle of the Devonshire city of Exeter. This is an exciting venture with their giant mushroom stalactites thriving off of the recycled coffee grounds.

Each week, mushroom enthusiasts at GroCycle set off on their weekly route collecting coffee grounds from local cafes situated around the city and use them to grow their gourmet mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are grown and ready to harvest they are then delivered to local restaurants and food outlets. The final step in the process also sees waste from their own growing cycle turned into compost, so as you can see they are working hard to create a non-waste process throughout their operation. If they weren’t collecting these coffee grounds the excess coffee would be part of the waste that is simply added to landfill waste.
GroCycle | Gorumet Mushroom Growing Kit

It’s still early days for these guys right now, but why not join their an online course to teach mushroom growing hopefuls like you and I how to do what they do in your own home? You can sign up here if you fancy giving it a go!

Watch the short video on what how the process works here: 

Who knows, you could be chucking your very own gourmet mushrooms into your meals when you’re on a Pembrokeshire luxury glamping break (or any destination for that matter) with us before you know it!

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