vegetarian and vegan diets on the up as younger generation choose environment over meat

It has been stated that more people are heading towards a more regular acceptance of vegetarian options as a result of increased social media and environmental awareness, a restaurant chain boss believes.

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Clive Schlee, who is the owner of Pret A Manger said access to the internet and the use of social media has paved the way for our younger generation to inform and educate themselves in regards to the health and ethical benefits along with the environmental aids of eating reduced amounts of, or no meat whatsoever. These claims are also being stringently advocated by a plethora of acclaimed food bloggers and health experts, including celebrity chefs such as the Hemsley sisters and Deliciously Ella.

Additionally, celebrities such as acclaimed actresses Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart are devout vegetarians, and the music mogul Jay Z and wife, superstar singer Beyoncé take advantage of vegan diets in stages in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In some Pret stores, vegetarian and vegan menu choices have begun outselling a number of their traditional meat options, and while Pret A Manger can only speak on behalf of what is trending in their restaurants, it’s thought that these habits are becoming more prevalent across the UK in general.

Mintel conducted a study two years ago in 2014 and the findings leant towards the notion that, as one in eight British adults — and one in five 16 to 24-year-olds — were vegetarian, this was a rising trend that was set to become increasingly popular as time went on. Joining the full-time veggies and vegans are said to be literally millions more people referred to as “flexitarians”, which is a term coined to describe people who enjoy a predominantly plant-based diet, but occasionally enjoy some meat on their plates.

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