Lonely Planet are known for their trustworthy guides for travellers of all ages who are looking to experience trips and adventures of all kinds, and their latest list compiled has included a county where you can find our narrow boat glamping abode; Warwickshire!

Two travel guides on a table at our Warwickshire glamping abode – Serenity Narrow Boat.

Lonely Planet has revealed its Best in Europe list for 2016 and Warwickshire is proudly and deservedly rubbing shoulders with famous exotic destinations such as Venice, but for anyone who has visited the region it will come as little surprise. There is an alluring nature to Warwickshire that is simply undeniable (not just for our narrow boat accommodation) and now one of the world’s most notable travel guides has confirmed this.

Warwickshire lays claim to the birthplace of Shakespeare and with its wealth of medieval architecture on offer, Warwickshire is an established destination for visitors far and wide.

Lying on the River Avon, the historic town of Warwick is a well-renowned location for visitors, with the grand Warwick Castle, which was established in 1068, often being named as one of the true highlights for anyone who travels to the region. Steeped in history, the castle was part of the Norman conquest of England.

Additionally, Stratford-Upon-Avon is also seen as a particularly enticing area of the county to visit.

The Lonely Planet Best in Europe list for 2016 can be seen below:

  1. Peloponnese, Greece
  2. Aarhus, Denmark
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. The Dordogne, France
  5. Lviv, Ukraine
  6. Warwickshire, England
  7. Extremadura, Spain
  8. East Coast Tenerife, Canary Islands
  9. Texel, the Netherlands
  10. Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

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