If you are catching up on the most recent astrophysical news, then this may come as even more of a surprise, but Astronomers in the United States claim they may have discovered a new planet in the solar system. Amazing, right?!

Several layers of atmospheric haze from Pluto near our luxury camping UK abodes

Affectionately dubbed “Planet Nine” by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, there haven’t been, at this time, any direct observations to endorse its presence which is located of billions of miles beyond its closest planet, Neptune.


‘Planet Nine’ is said to be a staggering 10 times the mass of Earth and it takes between 10 and 20 THOUSAND years to orbit the Sun. It is thought to be so big that researchers have labelled it as ‘the most planety planet of the solar system.’


The experts who found the planet were puzzled as to why 13 objects in the Kuiper Belt – an area beyond Pluto – were all moving together as if being ‘lassoed’ by the gravity of a huge object.


After running a series of complex computer simulations to see what was causing an effect they discovered that only a massive planet could the reason behind the strange movement they had observed.


The Astronomer Royal Prof Sir Martin Rees declared that telescopes should be able to see the planet.


“If it exists, it should be detectable,” said Prof Rees. “So we must wait until searches with big telescopes have been carried out.


“These are indirect arguments, but they should motivate a more intensive search for an inferred far-away planet.”


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