a whole “lottie” love for lottie the lorry

If you love a unique break like no other then you’ll have a whole “Lottie” love for our loveable Lottie the Lorry. She’s as cute as a button, and as exclusive as a VIP in a fancy London bar.

A view From The Outside Of Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire

This is absolutely one of the coolest grass-root glamping Pembrokeshire experiences you can possibly wish for. Our Lottie may have a prime pastoral setting but don’t let that fool you. Lottie is a well-travelled lady having had quite the series of adventures under her cam belt, driving across Europe as far as Budapest, and twice to Morocco. She’s collected quite a few bits and bobs along the way, making her the eclectic, upcycled glamping truck she is today. Now back for some well-earned R&R, Lottie is sweetly hiding away here in a pocket of quintessential UK countryside lusciousness, and happily taking guests for simplistic, memorable glamping breaks.

Take a look inside Lottie


The View From The Inside Of Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire
Lottie’s interior is cosily clad inside with natural timber and an assortment of recycled & reclaimed shelves and storage.
She’s got a log burner to keep things toasty in cooler months, perfect for relaxing under the stars while the crackles of the log burner set the mood.

The walls are well-insulated, so there’s no chance of feeling the country air once the door’s shut and you’re tucked up for bed. A cooking area is available so you can rustle up a bite to eat when you aren’t out enjoying the surroundings, while further back is somewhere to sit and relax once you’re done. Lay your head down for the night in the comfort of the double bed located in another unique feature of this abode- over the driving cab at the front- with all bedding included for your peace of mind.

The Double Bedroom inside Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire

One of the dishes picked up in Morocco was the tagine; this is in the truck for you to use as you wish. It comes from the very northern mountain range called the Rif. Cooking in this one-pot wonder dish is simple! Why not prepare your meat or vegetables according to the recipe, then on the metallic slip mat (important this is used) you can slowly heat the tagine clay dish, feed in your oil, spice and ingredients accordingly and cook till potatoes soft, then turn off, leave the lid on (dish will still cook as tagine is hot) and enjoy with bread or couscous. Just one of the ideas for cooking that can be incorporated as part of this dreamy vacation.


The View From The Inside Of Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire

Exploring the surroundings

Wherever possible the team here at Quality Unearthed have tried as much as possible to stay in tune with the ethos of Lottie on site. This has been carefully achieved by pulling together recycled materials in order to provide a small decked area with table and chairs for your comfort. It’s a peaceful space, and simply flawless for watching the sun go down over the picturesque Pembrokeshire countryside.


The View From Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire

We’ll be honest, there isn’t anything we can write down for you to read that could possibly do this glorious accommodation justice. If you like quirky, if you like different, or you just fancy a change, then let Lottie be the one you share your experience with- she’ll return the favour in her own special way.

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