the true cost of family holidays abroad: why staycations are better

Whilst it’s hard to determine the exact price of a family holiday abroad, particularly as it will differ depending on the length of stay, accommodation option and location, the average summer holiday is certainly going up in price, according to a multitude of studies. However, the Evolution Money website has concluded that an average family of four can spend around £4,792 on a two-week holiday abroad, not to mention the additional £227 per person, per week for spending! Quite astonishingly, in a report by Asda Money in 2016, it was highlighted that individuals earning £10,000 a year spent on average 10% of their salary for a single holiday. Subsequently, this report concluded that many would rather stay within the UK for their summer holidays to save money, reflected by the 31% of those who participated in the report who specified their plans for staycations.

Family explore fields on their glamping holidays.

Neil Foster, the head of Asda Travel Money, stated upon the release of the 2016 report: “In the last year, we have seen some distinct changes in people’s holidaying habits, and it comes as no surprise that Brits are staying put in the UK this summer…”

Whilst staycation searches and bookings for this year have increased by a quarter in comparison to 2016, according to data analysis by Sojern, a travel marketing group. Their studies found that searches and bookings made from October 2016 and January 2017 for summer holidays between the months of June and August were raised by 23.8% by Britons.

This comes at a time when government calculations indicate that by 2018, with a weaker pound, a family of four could pay on average more for their holidays abroad. Examples indicated that families could pay £225 more for a holiday to Spain, £210 more for a holiday in France, £325 more for a holiday to Portugal and a whopping £620 more to visit the USA, due to the unfavourable exchange rates. Whilst recent studies further support the desirability of staycations, with millions of Britons adjusting their travel plans due to the value of the pound in today’s economy. Additionally, younger families have to tighten their budgets considering the economic climate, particularly as it comes to light that holiday prices become higher during the children’s summer holidays. It is therefore apparent that staycations are the best option for holidaymakers who cannot afford to splurge on a vacation abroad.

Staycations can offer families a holiday of a lifetime in some of the UK’s most spectacular locations. Benefits include the fact that holidaymakers get to avoid the hectic journeys from airports and transport links, in addition to saving more pennies! If a staycation sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch today, alternatively look at some of the latest offers below for a glamping holiday:

Summer offers

The Plush Camp

Plush Camp group glamping holiday from Quality Unearthed.

The Plush Camp is a luxurious campsite situated close to a beautiful coastal town in Chichester. Boasting its secret garden, this glamping site is sure to offer big groups the ultimate glamping experience, with tree hammocks, hot tub and woodland playground to boot! So, whether you’re organising a party or want to go away with the whole extended family, this site is perfect for you, particularly because it offers a range of glamping structures to suit every style, and fits around 55 people! The Plush Camp can be booked for £13,826 a week in the summer months. This works out at just over £250 per person.

The Birch Safari Tent

Birch Safari Tent, family-friendly glamping holiday in Devon countryside.

After something a little smaller for just you and the family, how about our Birch Safari tent? This glamping abode offers a private plot in the Devonshire countryside, with the moors and the Venn Ottery Reserve within walking distance. Truly get close to nature here, where your only neighbours are the Moorland Horses that mooch around the hedgerow. This idyllic country escape can be secured for only £603 a week.

So, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for the summer holiday abroad, look no further than a glamping holiday in the UK. These staycations offer families, groups and couples a magical experience in the heart of some of Britain’s top locations, close to beautiful beaches and child-friendly amenities.

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