The Natural History Museum in central London has created a natural wildlife experience like no other in this urban setting.

An eco-friendly cabin at one of our glamping holiday sites

For many, this 6,000 sq m metropolitan plot is about as close to nature as city dwellers can get. The garden is host to over 2,800 different species of animals and plants, some scarcely found in England, let alone the capital. The area is set slightly below street level, adding to the overall secrecy and rural feel of the land. Opened in 1995, then Environment Secretary John Gummer described it as ‘a symbol of what can be done to help and protect our wildlife, even in a small and crowded area in the centre of London…raising public awareness in conserving wildlife’.

The garden however is under threat, so you should visit as soon as possible. Controversial planning permission, which could have detrimental effects on the wildlife inside according to enthusiasts, has already been granted. This puts Londoners in quite the predicament when searching for alternative ways to feed their need for nature. If only there was a way to enjoy the diverse nature and wildlife the UK has to offer, without heading out on the moors Bear Grylls Style…


This is where Glamping comes in. Getting back to nature for Londoners seems like an impossible task for many. Some may picnic in the park, collect conkers or even dip their toes in the Thames. Some may spot, amongst a throb of pigeons and gulls, the odd cormorant. For most, however, this will not quench the natural thirst they possess for nature. The sneaky urban fox on his early morning round simply will not do. Whether it be the curious charm of the South West Moors or the breath-taking views from the Peak District, these spots are usually better visited rather than Google-searched. The move away from 24-hour pizza delivery and Ubers on demand may seem daunting at first, but is certainly a move you won’t regret.

The benefits of glamorous camping for city-dwellers are plentiful and perhaps more relevant than ever with increasing numbers of inner-city locations at risk. This luxurious style of experiencing the great outdoors is the perfect way to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, to relax and crucially, do nothing. Swap the concrete jungle for rolling landscapes, dramatic scenery and the chance to actually see the next super moon. When it’s time to turn in, fear not of cold hard floors and damp tent canvasses. Quality Unearthed offers a variety of accommodation from an eco-pod to a yurt – and everything in-between.

Wake up not to horns, engines and shouting but to serene streams, nearby songbirds and even better…silence. These Glamping holidays are perfect for couples, families or just individuals with the will to get away. These environmentally-friendly breaks offer unique ways to spend the night, including Shepherd’s huts and Gypsy Wagons! Or you couldn’t get further from the city by sleeping amongst the tree tops in one of our premium tree houses.

If you need any further persuading, the actual science behind the benefits of ‘doing nothing’ can be found here.

Trust us, the grass really can be greener…

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