why we just love summer!

During the colder months, we can’t help but think of the long summer days and the warmer weather. However, as summer is now in full swing, there are plenty of reasons to love this time of year. It is the perfect time to head away on holiday and really make the most of the better weather, as well as the longer days

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Sunshine and Showers

Whether it is long sunny days or showers and thunderstorms that you prefer, the British summer will most certainly have you covered. When we think of summer, we tend to think of warm, lazy days basking in the sun. The anticipation of a getaway, trip to the beach and the traditional barbeques can almost be too much to bear. However, there tend to be more showers than sunshine, and this is has been the case so far this year. In the UK, our climate is often influenced by the Gulf Stream, and this is what causes such a variety of weather here. Nevertheless, after a few days of sunshine, a light shower is often welcomed just to cool things off a bit.

flower meadow

Finding Wildflowers

Summer is the month where so many beautiful flowers come into bloom, and we can easily take them for granted. Take some time to enjoy the wildflowers study their shapes, patterns, colours and scents. Wildflower meadows can be quite the experience because they are simply teeming with wildlife.

If you are travelling to your holiday destination, look out for fields of bright red poppies and yellow oil rapeseed, even roadside verges which tend to stand out at this time of year. If you have a spare moment this summer, you can always create a meadow yourself!


Trips to the Beach

The UK is renowned for its gorgeous stretches of sand, and there is no better time of year to head to the beach than the summer. However, there is much more than the feel of sand underneath your toes and paddling in the sea. Where the land meets the sea, try to spot different types of seaweed or go searching for crabs and other wildlife.

When the sea retreats at low tide, explore a rock pool, as they are a secret haven of life waiting to be found. Brightly coloured red and purple beadlet anemones can be seen, or watching a hermit crab dragging around its shell can be a real treat. If you’re really lucky, you may spot transparent prawns slowly swimming around.


Being Outside

As the weather is warmer, we can enjoy much more time outside. From exploring the coastline to rambling through a national park, the summer makes it a lot more enjoyable. Packing a picnic and heading out to a beautiful location to spend the day with the whole family is a great way to spend the day. Bike rides, walking and even festivals can be some of the great ways to enjoy being outside.



Summer is the most popular time of year to head off on holiday, especially here in the UK. Staycations are becoming an incredibly popular way to holiday, as there are some beautiful locations here that are just waiting to be explored. From camping to glamping, just take your pick of abode; why not even look at staying in one of our shepherd’s huts, Cornwall for a quirkier holiday?

Just remember that summer is not over yet! Now is the perfect time to get outside and make the most of the season.

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