It’s only natural to want to hibernate this winter, but glamping in colder months can be surprisingly uplifting. Despite the negative associations with camping in the cold, it is important to remember this is no normal campsite. In fact, it’s not even a normal tent. This is glamping, a world where the mud, rain and sub-zero temperatures are cast aside to make way for luxuries such as hot water, cosy duvets and a flushing toilet of your own. Here’s some reasons to take the plunge and go on a glamping holiday this winter…

Wake up to frosty mornings on your own glamping break this winter

Peace and quiet

Gone are the arguing families, screaming children and daily rain/weather chat with the camper next door (“that’s a dark cloud heading our way”). Winter brings a calmer, quieter side of glamping that sees a true sense of traditional outdoor living. Remember, to get lost in nature you don’t need to go Bear Grylls style army crawling into the wilderness, you just need to get outdoors.


Whilst many of our sites are dog-friendly all year round, the outside world is not so flexible. Beaches across the UK are restricted by a canine ban through the summer holidays and sometimes right on through to November. The general hustle and bustle of summer in desirable destinations can make taking your pup on holiday more stressful than enjoyable, as you turn around to see patch with his nose in some unsuspecting victims fish and chips. Winter is the perfect time to bring your pooch, and a great excuse for some brisk walks to warm you up and explore the area.


One of the biggest annoyances whilst camping in good weather is the bugs that come along with it. Enjoying the beautiful sunsets and sunrises can be romantic, but nothing ruins the moment like a pesky mosquito. Wasps and horse flies in particular seem to have a chip on their shoulder, and a bite or sting can cause great annoyance on your so-called relaxing break. A massive bonus to glamping in the winter is enjoying all the same landscapes, bug-free.

Cosy pubs

Glamping is not just about in enjoying the great outdoors, it also allows you to explore the great indoors. Fires crackling, local beers, ales and cider at the ready and decent pub grub awaits, to warm you up after a long walk in the cold. A homemade rice pudding or sticky toffee pudding is the perfect winter warmer to keep you cosy all night. You are on your holidays afterall…

Last minute availability

There’s nothing like a spontaneous glamping trip with friends and family to detox from the digital, explore the outdoors and relax. This ‘go with the flow’ option is not readily available in the summer months, due to high volumes of tourists creating fully-booked sites up and down the country. The diverse nature of winter weather in the UK mean that last-minute breaks are ideal for ensuring dry weather over your holiday, or at least limiting the chance of a complete wash out.

The scenery

Whilst summer provides a warmer climate to enjoy expanding landscapes, the power of a winters setting should not be overlooked. Fallen leaves provides a vast array of views that simply aren’t available in the summer. Wake up to a crisp frost and embrace all that the newly sparkled landscapes has to offer. Whilst, for many, winter provides the opportunity to curl up inside and shut the curtains, camping in the cold weather makes sure you can see the world from a different view and unveil a brand-new perspective in the process.

Lying in

The dark mornings are a curse for many, but a saving grace to winter glampers, who are able to enjoy a lazy morning lie in a way that’s not possible with 6am sunrises throughout the summer. This is particularly handy after one too many pints of the local poison down the pub the night before.

So what’s not to like about winter glamping? We do recommend a bobble hat and some thermals granted, but if you’re prepared to take the plunge it is an experience like no other.

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