For those who find themselves confined to the four walls of an office but love luxury camping treehouses, now’s the time to look away if you don’t want to get jealous! A unique and intriguing outdoor workspace has been built and unveiled this week around a tree in Shoreditch, east London.

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The cool thing about this exclusive office space is that it comes complete with desks available for the public to hire if they want to escape the normal office environment.

The main structure itself is constructed from compressed paper, complete with transparent plastic and translucent polycarbonate to form the outer walls.

The space comes equipped with a power supply and Wi-Fi, and will be open until December. During that time it can be booked at no cost by community groups at weekends.

Furthermore, the designers of his impressive creation have said that the income generated by the office in Shoreditch, when it is booked during the week, will be reinvested into Hackney’s parks and green spaces.

The ‘TREExOFFICE’ concept was designed by the architects at Tate Harmer LLP and they had a timely launch date, coinciding with the London Festival of Architecture.

If you would like to see the collection of images of this truly ingenious design you can see then here.


Image: ClkerFreeVectorImages under Creative Commons.

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