woodland trust announce scheme to plant 64 million trees in the uk by 2025

The Woodland Trust charity has announced exciting new plans that will see them plant an astounding 64 million trees in the UK over the next nine years – one for every person.

Woodland area with attractive landscape featuring a pond

The scheme will see 15 million of these trees planted in cities and towns, as well as co-ordinating with schools, partners and local communities, and finally homing as many as 20 million trees in the countryside through working in conjunction with farmers and local authorities.

After the planting of the aforementioned trees, there will still be a further 29 million trees remaining. These are set to be planted in various locations as a result of partnerships that have been worked out with a range of businesses, landowners and the Government.

In the past, there have been similar initiatives carried out by Ikea and Sainsbury’s, only on a smaller scale. Over the course of the last 10 years, Sainsbury’s has been responsible for the plating of in excess of 2.5 million trees. Not only this, the supermarket chain has also gifted free trees to hundreds of schools here in the UK. Additionally, Ikea has been behind the funding of as many as a million trees for local communities following a successful collaboration with the Woodland Trust as part of the free tree pack initiative.

Due to a range of threats, the UK’s woodlands are in the realms of decline, and as a result, are more vulnerable and aren’t as appealing to the local wildlife that would usually habituate in these areas. Therefore, the most suitable way to assist in bringing the landscape back to its full glory is to protect the woodlands that currently exist. We should also be working to build them back up for a better future.

These schemes don’t only improve and bolster the chances of nature’s potential to thrive around us and flourish, but it’ll also create a positive impact for our lives. By planting the trees in such a way, it will help to create places where we can and want to live, work, and even enjoy holidays (luxury camping UK, comes to mind) eventually offering a greener existence for everyone.


Image: Dominic Alves under Creative Commons.

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