world environment day 2015 theme set to encourage sustainable lifestyles

The United Nations Environment Program annually honours World Environment Day on June 5 as they continue to strive for increased awareness regarding environmental issues and call for action. And recently the UN Environment Program announced the theme of 2015’s event, which will be sustainable lifestyles.
June 5 is World Environment Day: Living within Planetary Boundaries #WED2015

I’m sure you’d agree that this particular topic is a poignant and powerful one, mainly because there’s space for every one of us to take the chance to question how we live and how it impacts the planet, even if just for a moment. This year’s theme simply asks everyone to evaluate their consumer habits in three basic categories; how we travel, shop, and eat.

You don’t have to be a ‘hippy’ or ‘treehugger’ to appreciate how essential these issues are, and while we encourage people to experience a glamping UK holiday to feel closer to nature, it is possible to consider how you can make a change before and after you have experienced this kind of break.

Every year, the UN Environmental Programme launches a range of campaigns to spread the word about the World Environment Day theme. Environmental organisations, schools and groups of all kinds normally organise events leading up to and taking place on the day itself.

Why not vote for your favourite World Environment Day slogan by visiting and share your choice on social media?

The slogan with the biggest number of shares will become the official motto for the events.

Voting closes on March 26.

Image: Ron Mader under Creative Commons


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