could this be the world’s fastest electric car?

A far cry from yurts in Wales, the Detroit Electric fastback SP:01 is set to challenge those devoted petrolheads who are in love with classic engines as the announcement that what Detroit’s production team are labelling the ‘world’s fastest electric car’ will be available for purchase in 2015.
Detroit Electric SP:01 | Worlds Fastest Electric Car |  Eco-News For Glamping LoversUnder the sporty looking shell is a 282bhp electric motor of this impressive rear-wheel drive automobile. With a light weight of just 1175kg, the SP:01 reaches a whopping 155mph in just 3.7sec 0-60mph time.

In the words of the manufacturers, this makes their car the “world’s fastest production electric sports car”. Additionally, it uses a manual gear selector, which if you don’t know too much about electric cars, is a very interesting part of the build given that electric cars are characteristically single-speed motors.

There is however a single-speed version available as well, with a less powerful 201bhp version which offers a 106mph top speed and 5.3sec sprint to 60mph.
Detroit Electric SP:01 | Worlds Fastest Electric Car |  Eco-News For Glamping Lovers

You can clock up 180miles from a fully charged SP:01 in both options, but if you’re intentions are to test the manufacturers claims of world-beating speed in the circle of electric cars then you can expect to lose some considerable mileage as a result.

Detroit Electric is based in the United States, however, the SP:01 will be built in right here in the UK.

My only issue with the emergence of spectacular electric cars from a variety of manufacturers is that they are not affordable to the everyday consumer, so here’s hoping the future will provide us with that pleasure.

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