youths coming to the rescue to save the uk’s bees with conservation project

Many of the UK’s youths are applying to become part of the Bee-a-Beefarmer project, a new scheme looking to bolster the British bee count in order to help safeguard the future of the industry.

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This year the project will take on the next batch of recruits, which will total 30 new apprentices over 36 months.

Recently, experts in the industry have been warning people that the UK is worryingly home to a mere 30% of the bee hives required to future-proof Britain’s bee count and enhance honey production.

It’s been projected that we need to up our bee farmer count by a third, minimum. This would mean we need 848 farmers within the next ten years or face the realisation of lower availability of produce and possibly have to deal with higher food prices.

The project is set out so that it can introduce some well required young blood into the bee farming industry, as 66 years of age is currently the average age of a bee farmer in Britain.

The good news already is that after the initial launch of the campaign in 2015 there were ten new bee farmers who became apprentices in the industry averaging an age of 19.

Thanks to the ten fresh faces alone, an additional 60 million honey bees were added to the UK bee farming industry, with the newbies also caring for more than 1,000 hives. To put this into perspective, their roles account for the production of in excess of 44,000 jars of honey (11 tonnes) in the past 12 months alone!

For this year, the scheme organisers have said they will take on an additional six apprentices, which will be followed up by further 10 in 2017 when the application process reopens.

There’s still time to apply, so interested candidates are able to put their hat in the ring for the scheme by heading to the Rowse Honey website, and following the link to the Bee-a-Beefarmer section.

Will it be you, or someone you know who gets the coveted and envious role or becoming the newest bee keeper to help the cause?

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